1. Your privacy

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“We”, “Our” or “us”) respects your personal data privacy and is committed to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong (the “PDPO”). In doing so, we require all our agents, contractors and third party service providers to comply with the PDPO in the same manner as the PDPO applies to us.

    Personal data for the purpose of this PICS includes name, gender, age, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number and other contact details, HKID card and any other information from which it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be ascertained that we may collect from you depending on the types of services requested by, or provided to you.

    This PICS sets out how we collect, use, disclose, store and handle your personal data. This PICS may from time to time be updated, revised and changed. Any change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon being posted on our website(s). You are advised to check it on a regular basis.

  2. Purposes of Collection of Personal Data

    The personal data collected from or provided by you may be used for one or more of the following purposes:

    • Identifying and verifying your identity in connection with any products and/or services offered by us or any of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical group companies (the “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group”);
    • Handling and responding to your enquiries, opinions, complaints or suggestions or communicating with you in respect of our services or products ;
    • Managing and processing your order and to issue invoices to you;
    • Managing database, including keeping our records of customers and our sales accurate and up to date;
    • Conducting researches, surveys and analyses for further improvement of the products and services provided by us and our group companies;
    • Subject to your consent, for direct marketing (please see further details in the Direct Marketing section below);
    • The operation and administration of our internal business including without limitation any corporate reorganization;
    • Exercising our legal rights, or to institute and/or commence legal proceedings;
    • Complying with any law or regulation applicable to us including but without limitation, making disclosure when requested by any legal, regulatory, governmental or law enforcement authority, which may be within or outside Hong Kong; and
    • All other purposes ancillary to the above purposes.

  3. Disclosure

    We will take all practicable steps to keep your personal data confidential but in connection with the above stated purposes, your personal data may be provided, transferred or disclosed to any of the following parties:

    • Any member of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group;
    • Any agents, partners, contractors, third-party service providers engaged by us;
    • Any potential transaction partners, service providers, advisors, and other third parties in connection with the consideration, negotiation, or completion of a corporate transaction in which we or any member of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group are acquired by or merged with another entity or we or any member of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Group sell or transfer all or a portion of our/its assets or business;
    • Any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under any requirements of any law, regulation or governmental body; and
    • Any person with your express or implied consent.
    We may transfer your personal data to the above parties outside Hong Kong for the purposes described in this PICS.

    It is not mandatory for you to provide the personal data requested. However, if you do not agree to the provisions of the personal data requested or the use of such data for the above-stated purposes, we may not able to process your order or enquiry and render our services to you or to otherwise correspond with you.

  4. Direct Marketing

    Subject to your consent (or an indication of no objection), we may use your name and contact details (such as telephone number, email address and address) to send you news, offers, promotional materials in relation to the products and/or services offered by us.

    You may contact us via email at [] to opt out of receiving direct marketing materials from us at any time.

  5. Use of Cookies

    In order to improve your experience on our website, we use cookies or similar tracking technology to store and track your information after you have visited our website. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies. [You may at any time choose to accept or reject cookies by changing the settings of your browser. However, by disabling cookies, certain functionalities on our website may not be available.]

  6. Security

    We will take appropriate steps to protect the personal data held by us against unauthorized or accidental access, use, loss, processing, erasure, transmission, modification or disclosure.

  7. Your right to access and correction

    You may at any time request access to and correction of your personal data in our records. To exercise any of your rights, please contact the below personnel.

    [Email Address: /Telephone number: 2543-2289]

    Please note that we may require additional information from you in order to honour your requests.

  8. Retention of personal data

    We will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the personal data was collected or a directly related purpose.

    Personal data which is no longer required will be destroyed.

  9. English version

    [If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese version of this PICS, the English version shall apply and prevail.]


  1. 您的私隱





  2. 收集個人資料的目的


    • 與我們或小林製藥集團任何一家公司(以下簡稱「小林製藥集團」)提供的任何產品和/或服務有關的情況下, 識別並核實您的身份;
    • 處理和回應您的諮詢、意見、投訴或建議,或者與您就我們的服務或產品進行溝通;
    • 管理和處理您的訂單並向您開具發票;
    • 管理數據庫,包括準確記錄並更新我們的客戶和銷售情況;
    • 進行研究、調查和分析,以進一步改善我們和集團公司提供的產品和服務;
    • 在征得您同意的情況下,用於直接促銷(詳情見下文中直接促銷部分);
    • 我們內部業務的運營和管理,包括但不限於任何公司重組;
    • 行使我們的法律權利,或者提起和/或啟動法律程序;
    • 遵守適用於我們的任何法律或法規,包括但不限於應香港內部或外部的任何法律、監管、政府或執法當局的要求作出披露;以及
    • 與上述目的相關的所有其他目的。

  3. 披露


    • 小林製藥集團的任何成員;
    • 我們聘用的任何代理人、合作夥伴、承包商、第三方服務提供商;
    • 與考慮、談判或完成一個公司交易相關的任何潛在的交易夥伴、服務提供商、顧問及其他第三方;該公司交易指我們或小林製藥集團的任何成員被其他實體的收購或合併,或我們或小林製藥集團的任何成員出售或轉讓我們或其全部或部分資產或業務的公司交易;
    • 根據任何法律、法規或政府機構的要求,我們有義務向其披露的任何人;以及
    • 任何獲得您明示或默示同意的人。


  4. 直接促銷


    您可以通過電郵 [] 與我們聯系,以隨時選擇不接收我們的直接促銷材料。

  5. 使用「曲奇」檔案 (Cookies)


  6. 保安


  7. 您查閱和更正的權利


    【電子郵件地址: /電話號碼2543-2289】


  8. 個人資料的保留

    我們會將個人資料保存至達到收集個人資料之目的,或直接與其有關之目的為止。 不再需要的個人資料將被銷毀。

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